Advanced Technology Solutions for Solids Separation

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SmartFlow Technologies is a provider of innovative open channel filtration and separation solutions including both complete systems and consumable filter modules. The company has a diverse product range of filtration solutions serving multiple growing regulated and non-regulated markets including Nutraceutical, Chemical, Food, Beverage, Water, Renewable Fuels, Waste Water Processing, FOG removal, Process Recovery, and Biopharmaceutical markets.

A representative list of applications where the SmartFlow platform has provided significant benefits to our customers is in the right column. The platform has been labeled "an enabling technology" by many of our customers, the one solution that makes their production possible.

Industrial System 

Replace centrifugation steps at a fraction of the capital cost!

Eliminate your waste water issues!

Recover valuable product from process or waste streams!

Retain proteins with custom membrane pore sizes!

Protein-free product to simplify downstream processes!

Solve solids separation problems easily!

Low-cost retrofit for established plants!

Reduce evaporator energy needs!

SmartFlow Technologies Separates what Others Consider Inseparable!


SmartFlow Technologies custom designs each of its systems to meet your particular separation requirements. System designs are based on the results of our applications testing


Applications development and testing is at the heart of our process. We test your starting material with our filters and determine the correct filter, process conditions, and cleaning protocol.


SmartFlow Technologies offers a number of modules sizes, internal channel heights, and membrane areas to meet your processing requirements. Modules are combined in our proprietary holders to match the output required for your process.